101. What does happiness/joy feel like physically?
Happiness is the feeling that comes from fun. When you live purely in the moment, and the sorrows of the past and the worries for the future, are not in your mind. It comes when you are completely absorbed. When creating or viewing art. Working on a math problem, and then, solving it. Playing a video game, reading a book, having an interesting conversation. Physically, it feels like a weight has been lifted. It feels like you can lean on the people around you without fear. It feels like your muscles pull on your bones with less urgency.
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ohohoho i found 78_tarot B)

01. Fool 02. Magician 03. High Priestess 04. Empress
05. Emperor 06. Lovers 07. Chariot 08. Strength
09. Hermit 10. Wheel 11. Justice 12. Hanged Man
13. Death 14. Temperance 15. Devil 16. Tower
17. Star 18. Moon 19. Sun 20. Judgement
21. World 22. Hierophant 23. Ace of Wands 24. Ace of Cups
25. Ace of Swords 26. Ace of Pentacles 27. Two of Wands 28. Two of Cups
29. Two of Swords 30. Two of Pentacles 31. Three of Of Wands 32. Three of Cups
33. Three of Swords 34. Three of Pentacles 35. Four of Wands 36. Four of Cups
37. Four of Swords 38. Four of Pentacles 39. Five of Wands 40. Five of Cups
41. Five of Swords 42. Five of Pentacles 43. Six of Wands 44. Six of Cups
45. Six of Swords 46. Six of Pentacles 47. Seven of Wands 48. Seven of Cups
49. Seven of Swords 50. Seven of Pentacles 51. Eight of Wands 52. Eight of Cups
53. Eight of Swords 54. Eight of Pentacles 55. Nine of Wands 56. Nine of
57. Nine of Swords 58. Nine of Pentacles 59. Ten of Wands 60. Ten of Cups
61. Ten of Swords 62. Ten of Pentacles 63. Page of Wands 64. Page of Cups
65. Page of Swords 66. Page of Pentacles 67. Knight of Wands 68. Knight of Cups
69. Knight of Swords 70. Knight of Pentacles 71. Queen of Wands 72. Queen of Cups
73. Queen of Swords 74. Queen of Pentacles 75. King of Wands 76. King of Cups
77. King of Swords 78. King of Pentacles
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Why I Love Livejournal!

All right, f-list!

As you know, a lot of people are jumping ship for dreamwidth and tumblr and I'm going to put my foot down and discuss why you should stay! I use my livejournal for several things. I think the best art and graphics in the world can be found through graphic maker comms. I think livejournal also attract writers, and I mesh well with writers. But best of all, LIVEJOURNAL HAS THE BEST BLOG SUBSCRIPTION SYSTEM. At least, compared to Tumblr. (Maybe this post will drag some people off of tumblr?)

I don't read the newspaper guys, I read my lj feed. I read the news blog dis-info and feministing, which I find both extremely informative and very left wing, though you can sign up for all kinds of new feeds. I'm watching the Daily Show's blog which sends me tons of Jon Stuart Videos. I'm watching comic strip feeds, Nasa science and Nat geo feeds, and I'm watching certain tags on lj comms that post about 20 stories a day (I watch certain tags because I don't want my feed to be flooded.)

Feeds are incredible, and I don't think many people know about them. But they basically allow you to watch any blog you feel like through lj.

To add a feed, go here.

My favorite feeds are:

daily show;; links to new jon stuart videos! there are about five per day and it gives the summary of each so you know what you're playing.
disinfo;; a solid news source with interesting economics, political, and world news. They some really interesting things compared to the other, drier news feeds.
feministing;; basically, all the news of sexism and a pretty empowering blog. the women who write for this are pretty damn smart and perceptive. This blog provides weekly links and summaries to the most important news involving sexism, abortion, women's rights, and violence towards women.
pearls before swine;; my favorite newspaper funny ♥
xkcd;; my second favorite newspaper funny!
nasa science;; really interesting outer-space stuff!
nat geo;; ohh the pictures Q_Q

It's a great news feed and relaxing to read! I always find something interesting every day, and I hear about a lot of things before my friends. It's important to be informed on all kinds of issues.

In addition, the best comms are ontd_political (they put up TONS, so watch only the tags you are interested in!), useless_facts, catcheslikefire, and greatpoets.

To go on, umm, because I don't have a paid account, there are some feeds that I was wondering if someone with a paid account would turn into a feed and link me to? It doesn't take too long to do this! Just go to this page, and scroll to the bottom. There's a place where you paste in the blog's web address, and livejournal will turn it into a subscription, which you can share by linking to the subscription page. I only have the ones above because the most popular subscriptions are available for free and paid accounts.

MY WISH LIST Q_Q  -- really perceptive blog that truly treats manga as canon literature. They mix manga news and themes like scientific discoveries (like how nice characters are prone to being sweets addicts, which is apparently true in real life) and psycological essays (like a reflective piece on the psycology of izaya posing as a woman and celty posing as a man on the internet.)  --- hipster writing blog --- super hipster, central massachusetts based, creative writing blog --- Because I want to be the first to know when they come to the states!

**BY THE WAY GUYS, if you have a paid account, you can set it up to watch ANY tumblr blog! Tumblr is just too talkative for me, is all, which is why I don't watch much there. I'd rather read my news feeds.